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From the back cover, “In the complex world of agile software development, incremental requirements are key to unleashing business agility, competitiveness and getting value to market faster.

A new construct or way of thinking about requirements in incremental terms and their readiness to support team based agile or scaled agile is needed. How scope and epics are developed and made ready for agile development teams to consume needs to move from waterfall legacy processes and artifacts to an incremental requirements model.

Unfortunately, most organizations are unaware of impediments to unleashing business agility and how non-incremental (waterfall) requirements processes delay market responsiveness through the 4Cs of Delay. The 4Cs of delay slow down the hand off between product managers and product owners and their software teams. Furthermore, moving to an incremental requirements model is not a hard lift and crucial for business agility.

The Incremental Requirements model is central to the Agile Lean Requirements Pipeline© Framework which is elaborated in this book. The Agile Lean Requirements Pipeline Framework or ALRP© is a method to move the business stakeholder community forward to a lean-agile mindset and for them to deliver incremental requirements synchronized with IT unleashing business agility.”