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State of Your Agile Transformation Consultation (45 min)

Engage in a direct, pragmatic conversation with Tony Timbol, Enterprise Agilist, on the State of your Agile Transformation. Agile Transformations are not easy and often fail or get stuck. Successful Agile Transformations are about community and consistency less about strategies and tactics. The road to success is not smooth and obstacles are everywhere. Through a structured proprietary q&a with you and your transformation team, you will gain key insights into your challenges and opportunities. Takeaways include a written readout of the q&a session and a list of recommended actions. To schedule a session, email,

Agile Coach Master Class  (4 hours, ½ day or Two 2 hour sessions)

Agile Coaches are key contributors to the sustainability of agile methods and processes that drive successful software development outcomes. The more Agile Coaches in your organization the more important developing each of them into masters of their trade and having them work together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In this Master Class, Tony Timbol, Enterprise Agilist, coaches and trains your coaches to the next level of servant-leadership with field-tested practices and patterns that work. This course is designed to take a good coach with a growth mindset and empower them to self-develop into a great coach, a master of his trade who makes everyone around him better. Further this course is designed to help good agile coaches become Enterprise Agilists who can lead an entire organization to not just transform but sustain agile operational excellence. For a syllabus of the course including pricing, email,

Solution Train Engineer Role and Responsibilities Workshop (4 hours, ½ day or Two 2 hour sessions)

Solution Trains are massive organizational structures defined by the SAFe® Framework. The Solution Train Engineer fills a strategic role, like an orchestra conductor, in leading the Solution Train to plan well and execute even better. The STE and his Release Train Engineers (RTEs) must work together harmoniously to keep everything on. Furthermore, the STE’s peers, Solution Management and Solution Architecture/Engineering are also important roles to understand and coach. In this workshop, you will learn your role, responsibilities and collaboration success patterns and practices that will move you from competency to proficiency quickly. For a syllabus of the course including pricing, email,

Udemy CBT Course: Incremental Requirements Readiness:Unleash Business Agility through the Agile Lean Requirements Pipeline ©Framework – Click on the course title for a full course description.