Example Of Stories

Poor stories (User/Job/BDD-TDD) Better stories (User/Job/BDD-TDD)
Find charging station As an Electric Car driver I want to find the nearest
charging station so that I can recharge by ZapCar
Create a Best Restaurant List Page As a Restaurant Inspector I want to find top-reviewed restaurants within 5
miles of my location so that I can list inspection candidates
When driver selects media options When the driver selects the Facebook Icon I want to live stream
chase drone video-audio so I can go live
Update API trigger When the data-modified flag toggles I want to collect updated column values
so I can populate API return register
Given drone pre-launch diagnostics flash green Given chase drone pre-launch diagnostics flash green when drone batter power > 80%
then open launch bay doors
ZapCar driver selects find nearest station Given ZapCar driver selects "find nearest station" icon when nearest stations are within 100 miles
then display nearest three

Rating System

The Agile Ready Rating System scores each component of the User Story, each component’s relevance to other components, and its overall wordiness. A maximum score is available for a compliant-to-standard User Story. The higher the Readiness Quality Score the more READY the story is to be worked on.

Likewise a Backlog Score is computed from the individual user story scores belonging to the Backlog. The Backlog Score rises when all user stories scores rise. Thus a Backlog’s Goodness Score tells you the quality of the user stories in the backlog.

Likewise a Product Score is computed from multiple backlogs belonging to a Product. The Product Score rise when all Backlog scores rise. Thus a Product’s Goodness Score tells you about the quality of the product based on the quality of the backlogs.